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HairyLegs & Co., Inc. is a full-service design and development company for clients seeking websites, mobile presentations, marketing materials, email newsletters, app development, web hosting/database management and full consulting services.

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Our business is constantly evolving. For the last 20 years we've been working and growing in this fabulous medium. Its continues to be a terrific ride. Boy, do we love our job! We work with a magnificent array of clients: Artists, Writers, Realtors, Restaurants, Lawyers, Designers, Publishers, Magazines.. and that's just to mention a few! One of the best things about our business is the ability to interact and collaborate with a diverse field of professionals. From logo design to websites to promotional projects to database management, we have the experience and imagination to find the solution you need for your business or craft. NO job is too small or simple, NO question is insignificant and, most importantly, there is NO way we won't do our best to help you!

Just a Few of Our Services:


Whether you need a brand new website or updates to your existing website, we can help you decide what features and functionality will best convey your message to clients and customers. From Boutique sites to fully-customized Content Management Systems, we can build you the site you need, and the site you've always wanted.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, DEPARTURES Magazine, Olshan Realty, JFMoyle Attorney, Dmitri's Restaurant, Rose Aiello Associates and many more!

Mobile, Social and Apps

How does your company find its way into the pockets of your customers? Mobile Web, that's how! We build sites formatted for all devices, computers, tablets and phones. Call us to tell us about your project, or let us help you get your current site converted to a mobile-ready version so your clients can take you with them wherever they go!

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Reader's Digest Taste of Home, Haven Home, Women's Health Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, and many more!

Marketing & Promotional

Banner Ads, Sweepstakes/Contests and Promotional Websites to help you spread the word! We have extensive experience in creating promotional materials for all kinds of companies. Let us help you build your business with enticing advertising that will help your customers click, tap and speak their way to you. (Some links lead to Adobe Flash pages.)

CLIENTS INCLUDE: PEOPLE Magazine, PEOPLE en Español, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, Men's Health, Women's Health, ESSENCE and many more!

Concierge Hosting

All of your Hosting details are handled: from Domain registrations to SSL certificates to backups, virus detection, and upgrades without your constant attention. Concierge Hosting is for people who just want the job done and don't want to have to spend huge amounts of time making sure everything is correct. With Concierge Hosting, it's all taken care of, and at a competitive price.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Olshan Realty, Leslie Garfield Real Estate, JFMoyle Attorney and many more!

Database Services

Your data is unique to you. For dynamic content, having the correct data structure at the start is crucial to an elegant build that delivers fast results. From advanced websites such as Drupal and Wordpress, to eCommerce and more, we handle the back end (database backups, exports, imports and upgrades) so you don't have to. We also specialize in advanced customer database programming.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Olshan Realty, Leslie Garfield Real Estate, JFMoyle Attorney and many more!

Email Newsletters

Tried, true and very effective, Email Newsletters are a direct and personal way to reach out to your client base with news, updated services, special pricing packages and even regular reports on your business. We will handle the client subscription services, design and deployment of your eblasts and also provide post-launch detailed metrics on the exposure you'll gain. (Some links lead to Adobe Flash pages.)

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Food Network, PEOPLE Magazine, PEOPLE en Español, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, Men's Health, Women's Health, Olshan Realty, ESSENCE and many more!